When the Bousquet family arrived in Tupungato, Mendoza in the 1990s, they found themselves a long way from their home in the southern French city of Carcassonne. It was not only nearly 7,000 miles away, but also a landscape dramatically different from their Mediterranean homeland. But, the Andes Mountains, with elevations reaching 22,838 feet, captivated the imagination of Jean Bousquet, a third-generation winemaker who came to Argentina to explore a new world of winemaking.

We saw only earth, sky and mountains—and potential—when we arrived in Tupungato.

The mountains also provided a backdrop for the building of the winery that would become Domaine Bousquet, established on a unique terroir in the Gualtallary Valley. At 4,000 feet altitude, it’s one of the highest altitude vineyards in Mendoza. The view is privileged and so is the land, cooled by constant breezes, with well-drained soils and low rainfall providing ideal conditions for growing grapes.

Jean’s daughter, Anne, recalled arriving in the still unknown region with “nothing there—no water, electricity, not even a road,” she says. But her father had tested for water underground and found it 150 meters below. It was enough to put down a stake. In 1997, Jean Bousquet purchased a 400-hectare parcel (988 acres) of land that had never before been cultivated.

Our first plantings in this incredible terroir.

That purity of land is transmitted through all aspects of the winery today, from sustainable farming and production practices to an organic way of thinking. Domaine Bousquet follows nature’s lead—not trends—at the same time doing what comes natural to the family.

Today, Anne and her husband, Labid, operate the winery and are dedicated to farming organically, promoting the valley’s unique biodiversity and creating a sustainable environment for decades to come. And, of course, producing expressive wines that reflect Tupungato’s distinctive sense of place.

We look forward to sharing the story of our dual heritages: both the one we inherited and the one we are still creating.